Food Processing in the Agriculture Business

Food Processing in the Agriculture Business

The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corp. (CAEDC) has recently finalized the Strategic Financial Development Plan, authorized by the Board of Commissioners on Dec. 7th, for Cumberland County. Within the plan, the focused trade for the focus space of Business Attraction shall be agribusiness with a selected emphasis on food processing and manufacturing. 

The world’s strategic location, plentiful and fertile farmland, expert workforce, and complete infrastructure permits merchandise to get to market rapidly and at an affordable price. These are very fascinating assets for food producers seeking to develop or open services.

“Cumberland County is a perfect location for food processors and distributors. With our excellent transportation system, we’re inside a 12-hour drive of half of the inhabitants of america,” mentioned Dave Swartz, District 15 Director of Penn State Ag Extension Office. “The proximity of these 160,000,000 folks is why Cumberland County and neighboring counties in south-central Pennsylvania are a hotbed of financial exercise for all phases of the food system. Our space excels in food manufacturing, processing, distribution and advertising.”

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Harvill Industries is a process design, systems integration, sanitary equipment, and OEM service provider to sanitary industries including food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, biotech, and pharmaceutical. Harvill provides positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, parts, and repairs. Harvill is an SPX distributor for pumps, valves, heat exchangers and repairs, homogenizers and repairs, CIP, fittings, and custom sanitary hose fabrication.

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