GMO Food Under Fire

GMO Food Under Fire

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs as they’re commonly called, are a point of much contention amongst consumers, but a vast majority of Americans are already eating them on a daily basis. Common items you find in your kitchen like soy milk, tofu, chocolate and even canola oil can be made from genetically modified ingredients.

One of the biggest cash crops throughout the world are soybeans, and they are genetically modified across the world. That means items like tofu and soy sauce can contain GMOs. Nearly 90% of soybean crops are genetically modified, and soybeans are used to make lecithin, which is a key ingredient in a wide variety of different products.

In Australia,  cotton and canola are both big cash crops that are also genetically modified. Now we all know what canola oil is used for, you may not think that you’ve been ingesting cotton, but you might want to think again. Cotton has oils in it that are used in most brands of vegetable oils.

Many items that are imported are into the United States are often times much more likely to contain genetically modified ingredients, or be GMOs themselves like raw fruits and vegetables. Corn is another big genetically modified cash crop used in a lot of products around the world like chips and tortillas. Even potatoes can be GMOs, so that means before you order those fries you may want to think twice.

Many genetically modified crops are designed to withstand 10 times the normal levels of herb and pesticides, which are known to be carcinogenic. If the plants are able to withstand that much more toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, then no one can say with absolute certainty that GMOs are completely safe to eat, short term or long term.

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