Lay’s Do us a Flavor Contest Winner Announced

Lay’s Do us a Flavor Contest Winner Announced

This is such a truly incredible day in the potato chip universe. One day we’ll look back on this day and tell people we were there, but they aren’t going to believe us. It’s just that big.

Well maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion, but after all the millions of votes were carefully tallied, Lay’s revealed that a clear winner had emerged from their final four “Do us a Flavor” contest.

The clear winner was Southern Biscuit and Gravy hands down. This year’s winning chip flavoring beat out the other three flavors, New York Reuben, Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries and Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro for the top spot and honor of becoming the next big Lay’s chip flavor. When I tried all of these chips, I preferred the biscuit and gravy flavor as well, but I also really enjoyed the gyro flavor, because gyros are one of my favorite foods.

The winner and creator of the Southern Biscuit and Gravy flavor is Hailey Green from Noblesville, Indiana. was taken by surprise when Nick Lachey showed up unannounced at her house on Tuesday of this week to let her know that she was the winner. Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees fame was also in a recent Bud Light ad for the popular “Down for Whatever” ad campaign that was kind of funny. It’s short and sweet so go check it out. If you watch videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen the ad play before your video.

Now Hailey gets the honor of her flavor remaining on store shelves nationwide, a reward in itself, but she’ll also receive a cash prize. According the the contest, She’ll be awarded $1 million, or one percent of whatever her flavor sells through July 15, 2016. The other three contestants will each be awarded $50,000 as a runner up prize.

Lay’s Biscuit and Gravy flavored potato chips are available nationwide, so go grab yourself a bag if you haven’t tried them already. In my humble opinion they’re surprisingly better than the other “Do us a Flavor” winners of recent memory.

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