Monsanto Claims Carbon Neutral by 2021

Monsanto Claims Carbon Neutral by 2021

International agricultural frankenfood company Monsanto recently announced their plans go carbon neutral by the year 2021. Monsanto hopes to make this plan a reality by utilizing a proprietary program for their seed and pesticide operations and working with farmers. If the initiative is successful, this could be a great day for the environment and a chance to show the rest of the world even big companies can become carbon neutral

“Climate change is one of the biggest issues we face in agriculture, as well as one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity… That’s why we have pledged to do our part within our own business and to help support farmers and others. While progress has been made to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint, we must work collectively to do even more if we are going to sustainably feed 9.6 billion people by 2050. Agriculture is uniquely positioned to deliver climate change solutions and we hope that policymakers recognize the role agriculture, farmers and crops can play in mitigating carbon emissions.” – Hugh Grant (not that Hugh Grant), Monsanto chairman and CEO.

Monsanto plans on becoming carbon neutral with their GMO seeds by using a plethora of products that are sure to be good for the environment, otherwise they couldn’t plan on becoming carbon neutral. That would defeat the entire purpose after all. It’s good to see such a big company take a stance on such an important issue.

Monsanto is also focusing on their crop protection business, aiming to be carbon neutral by the year 2021. To offset the remaining portion of its crop protection and other non-seed production work, Monsanto is working to develop a program to provide perks to farmers who adopt carbon neutral crop production practices – in exchange for part of their carbon reduction value. Monsanto will use those reductions as offsets to neutralize its remaining carbon footprint.

Will keep you posted in the years to come on Monsanto’s journey towards carbon neutrality, as well as other big players in the food engineering and manufacturing industries.

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