OSHA To Host Meeting on Occupational Safety and Health June 17-18

OSHA To Host Meeting on Occupational Safety and Health June 17-18


OSHA has been creating new guidelines lately for various areas of concern for employees rights in the workplace, including restroom usage guidelines. They’ll also be holding an event discussing more issues in June, some of which you can read about below. Please note that the schedule of topics is currently tentative, and therefore subject to change.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, released the news that they’ll be organizing a meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health on June 17th-18th in Washington D.C. On June 17th The Temporary Workers Work Group will meet together, and on June 18th the rest of the group will meet.


The agenda for the event is subject to change, but as of now it will feature updates on OSHA efforts like the severe injury reporting rule. More topics to be covered at this OSHA event will include statements from the Emergency Response Subcommittee and a recent Temporary Workers Work Group report that documents the development of best practices, including protection of temporary workers that are members of injury and illness protection programs.


OSHA has also recently issued guidelines on restroom access for transgendered employees, a la Bruce Jenner, but I don’t think that will be covered in this meeting.

If you’d like to speak at this OSHA event, please submit your request online at http://www.regulations.gov, or you can submit your request via mail or fax to the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal.

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