Tri-Seal Presents the New Tri-Vin Wine Layered Liner

Tri-Seal Presents the New Tri-Vin Wine Layered Liner

A new innovation in wine packaging, the Tri-Seal Tri-Vin laminated aluminum foam/foil layered liner is now available worldwide. The new form of liner doesn’t hinder the aging of the wine and was designed to compliment drinkability and cut costs while moving in a more sustainable direction for Tekni-Plex, Inc.

Before this innovation of the Tri-Seal Tri-Vin, most roll on pilfer proof wine tops utilized Tin/Sarran barrier liners. But the Tri-Seal Tri-Vin liner is a more cost effective and environmentally conscious solution that can easily replace the more expensive, less sustainable Tin/Sarran barrier liners.

The new Tri-Seal Tri-Vin liners excels in the area of oxygen sensitivity that helps vinyards maintain the consumability window for drinkers in a more cost effective manner. The environmentally friendly side of Tri-Seal Tri-Vin comes from the materials used to manufacture the new liners. Since the Tri-Seal Tri-Vin doesn’t use halogen or chlorine in the creation process, the new liners are safe for both consumers and the environment.

Tri-Seal has been a world leader in food and beverage packaging technology innovation for over 50 years, and the new Tri-Vin liners are just the latest creation in food and beverage packaging technology from Tri-Seal.


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