Ex Microsoft Engineer Receives MacArthur Foundation’s Genius Grant

Ex Microsoft Engineer Receives MacArthur Foundation’s Genius Grant

Patrick Awuah,  an engineer who was previously employed by Microsoft, was just awarded the MacArthur Foundation’s Genius Grant, one of the greatest honors anyone in the world can achieve. So now not only will he become a MacArthur Fellow, he’s also being awarded $625,000.

Mr. Awuah, who is a Ghana native, founded the Ashesi University back in 2002, and school located in Ghana. The university features a curriculum rich in ethical principles, liberal arts and hands on skills for modern needs and opportunities in Africa.

Although from Ghana, Mr. Awuah studied in the United States and began his professional career when he got hired on with Microsoft just after graduating. It was his time spent studying in the U.S. that made him realize just how different the educational system was from that of Ghana, and so that when the idea for the Asheshi University was formed.

The Ashesi University places a deep importance on business development and STEM skills, as well as gender diversity and ethics. One of the more recent topics, women in engineering, is being tackled by the university, who aims to have just as many female students enrolled as males in its engineering program that started earlier in the fall of 2015.

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