Poll Shows UK Residents Encourage Youth to Pursue Engineering

Poll Shows UK Residents Encourage Youth to Pursue Engineering

A recent poll that was conducted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers that polled 1000 UK citizens on which profession they would recommend a young person enter into. According to the poll results, more people in the UK would recommend that young people become engineers than bankers, accountants, doctors. That’s pretty impressive, considering a typical doctor’s salary

Out of the four professions that people could choose from in the poll, engineering was the most popular answer coming in first with 86%. 80% thought doctor should be the profession that young people pursue. Accountants came in third place with 56%, and the least favorite answer was banker with just 36%

These poll results indicate that engineering could be a career that’s on the rise. The UK faces a shortfall of 30K engineers each year in the education system. These poll results show that there is a demand for engineering, but whether or not more young people will be swayed towards the profession remains to be seen. With so many different fields of engineering, it’s a very diverse career to get into.

There’s still a lot that needs doing in order to make sure the number of UK engineers continues to increase, including offering career device to young people and building stronger relationships between employers and schools. Another big step in the right direction would be to shift the focus in the educational system to focus strongly on Science Engineering Technology and Math.

The results of the poll were made public just before the Institution of Mechanical Engineers releases it’s newest set of research entitled “Big Ideas in Engineering Education”

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