Post delivers a blast from the past with Strawberry Honeycomb

Post delivers a blast from the past with Strawberry Honeycomb

Post is delivering a blast from the past with the reintroduction of Strawberry Honeycomb. Rather than roll the dice and bring us something new, they decide to play it safe and bring back a crowd pleaser, and I can’t really blame them. There has been a recent trend of discontinued product revival lately, and it would appear that Post is the newest member to jump on the bandwagon.

Providing consumers with a health questionable dose of nostalgia, Post made the decision to bring back the retired flavor of Honeycomb breakfast cereal, which had been noticeably absent for almost a decade. The flavor was first brought to market in 1983 to much fanfare, but later wained in popularity, possibly due to the surge of new breakfast cereals and aggressive marketing campaigns from competitors.

“Honeycomb’s one–of–a–kind playful shape has made the cereal an instantly recognizable breakfast classic. We’re excited to bring Strawberry Honeycomb back to the market — not only will it be a blast from the past for our current Honeycomb fans, but it will help introduce the brand to a whole new generation of cereal lovers,” – Sue Fruzzetti-Reich – Senior Brand Manager, Post Foods, LLC.

The Post cereal is the second in recent memory that garnered a  revival, General Mills French Toast Crunch being the first.

Strawberry Honeycomb combines corn and oat hexagonal shapes drenched with a strawberry flavoring. Strawberry Honeycomb will be available at limited supermarkets nationally, though die hard fanatics of Strawberry Honeycomb can find the cereal by using the Post Foods store locator at

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