What Do Americans Eat On The 4th of July?

What Do Americans Eat On The 4th of July?


There’s nothing better than 4th of July weekend. The food, friends, family and fireworks are all gathered together for one awesome night, and an incredible weekend get together. Around here we celebrate Independence Day the right way, with a hot grill, cold beer and fireworks. We always have burgers, chicken, ribs and pork steaks with all kinds of sides, but if you’ve ever wondered what types of food Americans prefer to celebrate the 4th of July with, then we’ve got you covered.

 In a recent poll conducted nationwide by Instantly, over 43% of Americans said burgers were their favorite choice, and hotdogs placed second with just 19%. As far as sides are concerned results showed that 51% of Americans preferred baked beans making them rank third. Coming in second with 60% is corn on the cob, and the number one side Americans love on 4th of July is potato salads with 61%.

 If we’re talking about snacks, 50% of Americans said they associate Frito Lay and Lay’s brand potato chips as their chip of choice for Independence Day. Instantly even reports and  there was a three way tie between other major chip competitors Kettle Chips, Doritos and KC Masterpiece, who all got 11% of votes.

 So many Americans celebrate Independence Day with food, so this national holiday is incredibly important for brands and retailers. With that being said the information gathered in this study conducted by Instantly is incredibly valuable to these brands and retailers.

 When asked why people purchased these particular items, 34% of Americans polled said traditions played a major role in the purchasing process. But, 35% of Americans also said that the most important thing is getting a lot of food for low cost. 70% of Americans polled also said they would buy their food from a Walmart or Target, while just 18% of shoppers would purchase their goods from places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.


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